Over fifty years of ice cream …

Over fifty years of ice cream …

Over 50 years ago Roberto’s grandparents decided to start a dairy and ice-cream business in a small village near Perugia.

As a young man Roberto adored being in the laboratory with his grandparents and cousins ​​so deicide to retrace their steps and learn their trade. So, he began his career in the world of ice cream, learning from the best and doing different courses of ice cream makers to expand his knowledge on the world of ice cream.

Since 2014 he establishes with his wife nutritionist and their two sons in Greece and continues the traditional production of the Perugian ice cream shop with a small artisan workshop and the point of sale in Nafplio in Via Staikopoulou 18, where he produces ice creams, slush and typical Italian sweets with passion, perseverance, spirit of sacrifice, with the constant desire to learn and with the awareness that it has never “arrived” … that is why, always respecting tradition, it always chooses first quality ingredients, and keeping up with the latest technologies, maintains scrupulous attention to health regulations (as provided for by the HACCP health and hygiene prevention plan).



The preparation of our homemade ice cream takes place in a laboratory that is visible to everyone and includes different processing steps ranging from pasteurization to homogenization and maturation to whisking.
The preparation of a good homemade ice cream as our part from the study of the recipe (or formula) with the consequent dosage of raw materials and quality compound ingredients.
To break down the bacterial load, the mixture of artisanal ice cream is subjected to pasteurization. Pasteurizing a liquid means heating it at a temperature between + 65 ° C and + 85 ° C and then cooling it quickly up to the average storage temperature of 4 ° C / 5 ° C, inside the pasteuriser. Parallel to this phase, it takes place the homogenization phase, which serves to make the mixture uniform.
This phase serves to ensure that the different ingredients that make up the mixture blend perfectly. The maturation temperature is around 4 ° C, ie that of a normal refrigerator at a positive temperature.
Our homemade ice cream is kept in the cell at a minimum temperature -18 ° C. It is necessary to constantly maintain the cold chain to guarantee the right structure and creaminess to the ice cream and ensure a safe product for the consumer. In the display case, the ice cream is exposed to the temperature of administration, equal to -14 / -15 ° C.
It is done when we pasteurize all the ingredients. This obtained base is used in small fractions, then adding the aromatic paste in a second manipulation, before freezing.
The chilling process is undoubtedly a very important operation in the production of our homemade ice cream, since it depends largely on the quality and yield of the product.

The chilling process can be divided into two very different operations:
• freezing, in which the mixture to be frozen is frozen under stirring and in the presence of air;
• hardening, in which the artisan gelato undergoes a further freezing, without agitation and interventions of external elements.